1. We can read ingredient lists at a lightning-fast pace. 

2. We know all the best places to get vegan food on the road. (Hello, Taco Bell!)
3. We can pick out the perfect avocado.
4. Weve figured out 300+ ways to use nutritional yeast, or as we call it, €œnooch.€
5. We know almost every line in the €œLisa the Vegetarian€ episode of The Simpsons (also known as the best Simpsons episode ever).
6. Weve perfected our tofu scramble recipe.
7. We know how to order vegan dishes at any Thai, Indian, or Middle Eastern restaurant.
8. We know how to get free guac on our Chipotle burrito. (Just skip the sofritas!)
9. We know all the best vegan goodies you can find at gas stations.
10. We know how to pronounce quinoa, tempeh, and seitan.