Jayden Hammond donates popcorn profits to the Flint, MI water crisis.

Jayden Hammond€”a forward-thinking 12-year-old from Chicago, Illinois€”has launched J-Rocks Pop Gourmet Vegan Popcorn, and its all for a noble cause. The young, ethical entrepreneur originally started the business in order to raise money for a class trip to Cuba, and soon decided to donate five percent of his profits to aid the water crisis in Flint, MI. Hammonds idea stemmed from his family movie nights, where he routinely experimented with various popcorn topping recipes€”all vegan. €œIt excites us very much because we know he’s going to be alright,€ said Hammonds mother, Terisa. The company currently sells three GMO-free popcorn flavors€”Plain, Ethiopian Barbecue, and Classic€”and uses nutritional yeast for a cheesy taste. Hammonds popcorn is sold both online and at a local farmers market in Chicago.