Pizza chain to eliminate meat for nine-day vegetarian holiday.

Dominos Pizza will drop meat from its menu at 500 locations in India for the nine-day Navratri religious holiday€”a time when Indian Hindus avoid meat€”starting October 1. According to Dev Amritesh, president of Dominos Pizza India, €œConsumption of non-vegetarian food reduces significantly during this time€ and the nine-day meat-free menu is €œan acknowledgement that though we are a global brand, we are conscious about consumer needs.€ India is the second largest market for the international chain, with more than 1,000 locations in 250 cities throughout the country. While Dominos holds 70 percent of the pizza market share in India, they announced a 3.2 percent drop in growth between April and June, and have since adopted strategies to gain appeal amongst Indian consumers. The chain introduced a vegan pizza option in Israel in 2013 but€”despite numerous petitions from consumers demanding vegan options€”has not reformulated any of its pizzas to omit animal products in its largest market, the United States.