Prime cookout and outdoor eating season is almost upon us. Be ready to feed almost anyone at your table with this selection of vegan mains from the Recipe Finder.

Tacos With Tofu Chorizo and Potatoes, pictured above. We frequently recommend this DIY vegan chorizo because its that good.

Vitas Barbecue Tofu. Works best with extra-firm tofu; you can make it a few days in advance.

Portobello Mushrooms With Tuscan Kale and Sweet Potato. The tidy package makes it conveniently portable; we bet you could par-bake these and then finish them off on a grill.

Vegan Chili Mac. Tote along a tub of this to spoon atop grilled portobellos or vegan hot dogs.

Hearts of Palm and Artichoke Cakes. They look like crabcakes, dont they?