When a celeb goes team vegan, its easy to get caught up in how exciting it is to have their two million Instagram followers just reading the word €˜vegan.

But time and time again, were let down by people who hijack the movement when they simply eat plant based for a short while.

Todays cases in point; Beyoncé and Ellen Degeneres. Say it aint so!

Our Queen B may rock a kale sweatshirt and push a 22-day vegan meal plan, but news is circling that shes as much a meat eater as ever. Disregarding that she likely never gave up animal products in her closet or makeup bag, and that she said once that she still eats meat €œsometimes,€ Munchies shared the news that she personally wracked up a $1,300 bill at a butcher shop during her latest tour. Steak, chicken thighs, and many other obviously non-vegan items were ordered and shared with her team. This wasnt a one-off, with Caplankys deli in Toronto boasting a $3500 (CDN) bill earlier on the Formation tour, too. 

On the other side, Ellen has baffled vegans once again. Previously questioned for eating backyard eggs and endorsing a leather shoe line, this pseudo-plant based eater joked about eating fish at the premiere of her fish-centic animated movie, Finding Dory. NZ Herald released that at a press conference, she looked for a laugh when speaking about how she was eating fish in retaliation against film makers before they agreed to the Nemo sequel. She later insisted she rarely eats fish, doesnt enjoy it, and wouldnt go for blue tang (Dorys species). She just keeps swimming€¦backwards.

So why should we care that never-really-vegan celebrities are being exposed for not being vegan? Well, we should care that theyre adding to the confusion the general public already has around veganism. How many Beyoncé fans thought eating plant-based was enough, and will now think eating meat sometimes is enough, too? How many of Ellens followers will call their next fish dinner €œDory€ in jest? Neither scenarios help the movement.  

You dont need a celebrity to show you how to go vegan. While some red carpet vegans exist, and are doing what they can to use their influence for change, it seems the majority are setting us back one publicity stunt at a time.