Vegan bleeding burger continues rollout with expansion to meat departments in various Whole Foods Markets across Rocky Mountain states.

Beyond Meats €œbleeding€ vegan burger Beyond Burger has been shipped to various Whole Foods Market locations in the Rocky Mountain area and will become available for purchase this week. Currently, the burger is available in Kansas, Maryland, northern Virginia, Utah, Kansas, and Colorado€”particularly at an in-store burger bar at the Whole Foods in Boulder. The burger€”which bleeds thanks to coconut oil and beet juice€”became the first all-vegan patty to be stocked in the meat department, a move the company believes will attract new customers looking to reduce their meat intake. €œTelling consumers not to eat things they love, thats a lousy way to run a business,€ Beyond Burger CEO Ethan Brown said. €œIm allowing them to continue eating what they love, which is meat, but have it be meat from plants.€ The Beyond Burger launched in Boulder this May sold out within one hour.