Boxer Lee Connelly fights for the animals.

United Kingdom-based boxer Lee Connelly recently won his second career fight€”after 14 losses€”and credited his new vegan lifestyle as his source of strength. The Super-lightweight boxer has been vegan for six months and won last weeks match against 27-year-old Ross Jameson despite a three-pound weight advantage. €œI looked into [veganism] a while ago because animal products have long-term health effects like cancer and heart disease,€ Connelly said, €œbut I didnt stick to it, and now I do it because I have seen what the animals go through and how cruel the industry is.€ The ethical athlete is outspoken about his veganism on his social media outlets, often posting inspirational content from fellow plant-based athletes such as power lifter Patrik Baboumian and mixed martial artist Abel Trujillo. €œI feel fantastic on a vegan diet, and think its the future for all athletes and for anybody who wants to be healthy.€