Brooklyn’s first all-vegan pizzeria isn’t exactly shouting its name to the rooftops — there’s just a teeny-weeny sign outside Greenpoint’s newest pizza joint called Screamers.

But the raves are loud and clear from people who don’t want to eat a single iota of animal.

“I am a vegetarian, not a vegan,” Caroline Newton, of Alphabet City, Manhattan told PIX11. “But I love all the choices here.”

“I don’t feel right eating real sausage,” Andy Tyson, her companion said. “But this has better stuff in it.”

So what makes this all-vegan pizzeria different from a regular pizzeria which has some vegan choices?

“Other pizzerias have some vegan slices,” co-owner Brad Baker told PIX11. “But we don’t have animal products on the premises.”

Screamers started in Philadelphia and the secret is what goes into the vegan cheese and Saitan sausage.

“Our cheese is made from tapioca and coconut oil,” the co-owner of Screamers told PIX11. “The sausage from wheat gluten and spices,” Brad Baker added.

One couple came all the way from Yonkers to try Brooklyn’s first all-vegan pizzeria.

So was it worth the trip?

“It’s awesome,” Mack Bey told PIX11. “Something about vegan cheese, it can’t overpower the taste.”

His wife, who is eight months pregnant, agreed. “It has just the right amount of cheese,” Soul Bey said.

Screamers is located at 620 Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint.