New York Post profiles several households where children are inspiring other family members to go vegan.

A recent feature in news outlet New York Post spotlighted the trend of young children influencing their family members to go vegan. Second-grader Morgan Greenfield went vegan last October and revealed, €œSomething popped up in my mind that said, €˜Dont hurt the animals, no dairy or eggs.€ Greenfields decision influenced 10-year-old sister Danielle to go vegan, mom Felicia to take a six-week vegan cooking course, and self-professed €œsushi and steak addict€ father Nick to go vegan in January. The feature then focused on New Jersey seventh-grader Arnel€”who celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with an animal-free menu€”and her sister Michelle (14) who both went vegan for health and ethical reasons. €œIf Im eating at home with them or at a vegan restaurant, Ill go vegan,€ Nick Greenfield said. €œTheyre influencing me.€ Additionally, the feature profiled siblings Jacob (12) and Julia Schles (15), who went vegan as their 2016 New Years resolutions. Farm Sanctuary founder and animal activist Gene Bauer explained, €œYoung people are tuned into this issue more than ever,€ which is evidenced by the recent statistic that 12 percent of millennials now identify as vegetarian.