A hungry hipster horde wreaked havoc in Berlin over the weekend, descending en masse on the opening night party of €” what else €” a new vegan restaurant and shutting the whole thing down.

After creating a buzz on social media, the Dandy Diner was overrun by about 300 kale lovers on Saturday, while about 500 more massed outside the new hot spot in the rapidly gentrifying Neukölln neighborhood, The Local reported

.€œIt was simply too full,€ a police spokesman told the Morgenpost.

Cops told the overwhelmed owners €” two well-known fashion bloggers €” that they had to close down the party immediately or they would be forced to clear out the diner themselves.

Co-owner Carl Jakob Haupt told Bild: €œI think its a shame that the party ended so quickly. But in the end, Im satisfied. It was the best restaurant opening that theres ever been.€

A person wrote on the restaurants Facebook page: €œVegan burgers for the gentrification yuppies. Thats just what Neukölln needed! Karl Marx Strasse is already dying out because the rents are going up so much€¦ but as long as people get a posh burger€¦€

Young people have recently begun moving into the traditionally working-class neighbo
rhood, which includes a large immigrant population from the Middle East. Their influx has driven up rents.

Dandy Diner responded to the criticism by noting on Facebook that €œlong-term residents can also be happy to have a veganalternative in their neighborhood.€