The fashion industry is one of those industries that has such a huge impact on lifestyles, and more importantly on the planets sustainability. So it’s not surprising that several big name brands like Stella McCartney and other notable inspiring new names are changing the game in vegan fashion. Theyre making a lot more of an effort to fill your wardrobe each season with clothing designs that eliminate the use of furs and animal skins.
McCartney explains that she only recently got into using fake leather for her brand because of the fear that the luxury status would be downgraded because it did not look fancy enough. She shared her joy in the brands new cruelty-free fashion philosophy and happily introduced a collection of everything from handbags to running shoes that made use of fake leather.

These new developments are exciting and commendable, and with spring here you dont need to have any more inner conflicts with getting the wardrobe revamp youre in need of.
Eco-friendly, vegan designs with pops of color are here in impressive variety and were happy to show you some of the pieces were loving.
Here are 5 of the wish list-worthy vegan items you should add to your wardrobe this Spring:

Graphic Tees from Herbivore Clothing or BEETxBEET
Looking for stylish tees that raise consciousness about climate change, as well as the everyday choices you make as a vegan?
These two brands, offer versatile and fashionable tees to help you dress like you give a damn about the future of our planet and make a statement while youre wearing it.

New York Sneakers from Wills
The London-based vegan shoe brand, Wills has the nicest shoe designs for both men and women, so you dont have to settle for ugly looking sneakers or compromise on your ethics anymore. The new spring collection features gorgeous all-black and all-white sneakers that are sure to impress any fashionista looking for a good pair.

Its top quality vegan leather, combined with a canvas look, will keep you looking classy this spring.

Stella McCartney terracotta trenchcoat
Looking good yet staying warm in spring could be a bit of a hassle. Sweaters and thick jackets dont appeal to the weather or most outfits, and most coats dont do the job either. Floaty trench coats are perfect for this time of the year, and what better designer to rock than Stella McCartney.
There are other decently priced offerings out there that are equally ethical if this one wont fit the budget. You can check out some options from a UK-based brand, Fashion Conscience.

Bucket Bags from Matt & Nat
Wearing the perfect bag is a nice way to dress up or dress down any outfit or add color to it. Its an easy way that works and theres a wide range of vegan bags that go with everything these days.
Were loving the Canadian vegan brand, Matt & Nat, and their gorgeous bucket bags. Youd definitely have lots of fun pairing outfits this spring and summer with any bag from their collection!

Vegan Leather Olivia Burton Watches
Stylish accessories are so important, and in case youre struggling to find a fake leather watch thats high quality yet fashionable. You can check out some vegan leather strapped watches from Olivia Burtons vegan-friendly collection or try out some of the new watch companies that are completely vegan like Votchi Watches (based in the UK).

Theyre mostly minimalistic in design which is great, and theres a good variety of cute colors, neutrals and nudes.
What items are you considering buying? There are so many new cruelty-free fashion brands out there so dont let this list stop you checking all of them out for the best spring fashion.
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