It might be the last thing you’d expect at a world-class steakhouse, but Daniel’s Broiler is introducing something new to its menu that may surprise meat lovers.

It’s offering a plant-based menu that caters to Vegans.

You’ll now find stuffed mushrooms, penne bolognese, ravioli and lettuce wraps, among other items, and none of them contain meat, eggs, dairy or animal products.

“We felt there was a market we could capture onto that a vegetarian or a vegan consumer knows they have a place to go where their friends or family may want a steak,” said Corporate Executive Chef Peter Coulter.

The challenge for Coulter was to swap out certain ingredients but keep it tasty and cost-effective. So, he incorporated some items from the plant-based menu onto the main menu.

“We put the kale protein salad on there with nuts and whole grains, and we made a vegan so-called honey mustard,” said Coulter.  “It’s not honey, it’s agave, and vegan mayonnaise and just regular mustard and people are loving it.”

Coulter says the biggest compliment is not just to satisfy the non-meat eaters, but surprise the carnivores too.

“If I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know it (the bolognese) was vegan. I think that’s my goal because I’m a meat eater,” said Coulter.

Prime beef is still the star on the menu, and that will always be the focus. But for many customers who bring friends, family or clients to the restaurant, they can now feel comfortable knowing their dietary needs are being met.

You can only get the Vegan menu by asking for it at Daniel’s. The restaurant will also be listed soon on Happy Cow, a website that shows people where they can find plant-based food.