The coney dog is a messy and glorious flavor bomb that serves as Detroit’s unofficial dish, but it’s one that our vegan and vegetarian populations don’t get to enjoy.

And that doesn’t seem fair, especially when you consider that Detroit is one of the nation’s more vegan friendly towns. But, as such, it was only a matter time ’til someone fixed the situation, which is what will happen in August when Chili Mustard Onions – Detroit’s first vegan coney shop – opens in Brush Park.

Owner Pete LaCombe, aka “Vegan Chef Pete”, says to expect everything one might find your standard coney island, but meat and animal product free. A good portion of the menu will also be organic and non-GMO. So that means meatless and healthy coney dogs, gyros, hamburgers, chicken lemon rice soup, spinach pie, Hani, grape leaves, salads, fries, soups, and weekly or daily specials.

The chili that LaCombe uses on his dogs will be similar to that at National, he says, though slightly thicker and spicier, as it’s made with 10 spices and a soy crumble.

Beyond that, Chili Mustard Onions will trade in items not typically found at a coney island, like wraps, pierogi, stuffed cabbage, potato skins, and some breakfast dishes like waffles and pancakes.