New hardcore band Sect to promote vegan messages through album debut due out this August.

Fall Out Boy drummer Andrew Hurley has teamed up with fellow vegans for a new hardcore band comprised of all plant-based eaters. The new group, called Sect, also includes guitarists James Chang and Scott Crouse, bassist Ian Edwards (Earth Crisis), and Chris Colohan on vocals. Colohan owns food company Vegan Magic€”the makers of coconut oil-based Magic Vegan Bacon Grease and new dairy-free cheese product €œParmageddon.€ The band formed around the idea that there €œis more reason than ever to keep lashing out at a world more suicidal bent on its own destruction and the exploitation of people, species and the ecosystem itself, than perhaps ever before in history.€ Sect pre-released three songs€”€œScourge of Empire,€ €œDeath Dealer,€ and €œSinking€€”and will debut its full self-titled album in North America on August 5.