Know someone who needs a leg up to make veganism happen? Most of us do: that well-intentioned co-worker who cant keep away from Five Guys; that curious aunt whos always asking about your diet; that college roommate who lives on ramen. And helping people go vegan is what Vegan Outreachs Vegan Mentor Program is for.

Basically, a prospective vegan can sign up and almost immediately be matched with a mentor via email. This person will help with anything and everything €” from grocery store shopping to how to answer common questions.

The program is 100% free, and as far as mentees, its open to anyone looking to live a more veg-friendly lifestyle. To become a mentor, there are a couple of criteria.

€œBeing vegan is one of the implied criteria,€ Jack Norris, executive director of Vegan Outreach, tells Latest Vegan News. €œBeyond that, its mostly a matter of hooking people up with others who are compatible. We tend to weed out people who push a restricted version of a vegan diet€“we dont want mentors telling our mentees they should avoid all processed or cooked foods. We also emphasize that the mentorship is not for giving or receiving medical advice.€

While the program originally launched in 2014, its undergone some improvements and revisions since then. Now, any mentee who signs up will be matched to a mentor within 24 hours.

As far as the programs size: €œThe skys the limit! We currently have 700 mentees and 300 active mentors. Wed love to have thousands rather than hundreds,€ says Norris.