IT may be controversial, but this newly crowned €œsexiest vegan next door€ is confident her vegan baby is among the healthiest bubs there is.

Palm Beach local Jordan McGregor, 26, has already established two-year old Hunter on a plant-based diet since the afternoon he was born.

The stay-at-home mum and owner of eco-conscious store Bare and Boho said she couldn’t drink milk any longer after watching some distressing footage of dairy calves being ripped far from their mothers.

€œI must say i became thinking about dropping dairy and eggs right after pregnancy,€ she said.

Ms McGregor said she did lots of research before deciding a vegan diet is the healthiest way forward on her son as well  €œMy son is vegan and the healthiest bub I am aware,€ she said.

€œHe’s definitely off the charts along with his weight and his height and he hasn’t once had meat.€

Ms McGregor said Hunter was still breastfed, which composed a big element of his diet and was filled with nutrition.The household also followed a vegan version of the ancient Indian lifestyle of Ayurveda, that was traditionally vegetarian.

€œFor breakfast he’s banana with molasses and for lunch a stew or curry with quinoa,€ she said, adding she added in healthy oils, fats, fruits and vegetables daily.

€œHe eats anything I eat, he doesn’t have baby food.€

Ms McGregor said her husband was aboard using their son being vegan, although he still sometimes ate organic animal products, including meat.

And while she’d like Hunter to remain vegan, when he was old enough he will be allowed to select a diet he wanted, Ms McGregor said.

Hunter’s road to veganism hasn’t been peachy, with Ms McGregor admitting she has already established to handle criticism from doctors and strangers, even though he’d never been sick.

€œI had many individuals going, ooh, is he healthy?€ she said.

€œYou will receive a large amount of negativity, I’ve spoken to other mums who’re doubtful €” until they see my son.

€œIt’s about feeling confident in your choice as a mum.€

She said Hunter €œhad an extremely developed palate€ and he disliked sugary fully processed foods, although healthy homemade chocolate cake and cupcakes didn’t go astray.

Ms McGregor said she spent about $100 weekly on bulk buying organic fruits and vegetables for the family.