Hillary Clinton gets heckled by animal rights activists – and blames their appearance on Donald Trump and his sons who have ‘killed a lot of animals’

  • Hillary Clinton was interrupted today in Nevada by a group of animal rights activists 
  • The group, Direct Action Everywhere, has also appeared at rallies with Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton and Chris Christie 
  • Clinton suggested to the crowd that they were there to protest Donald Trump and his sons’ hunting of animals
  • The group – who doesn’t believe animals should be killed for food – says Clinton’s policies don’t go far enough 

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was rushed by animal rights protesters at a campaign rally in Nevada this afternoon and deflected by suggesting they were there to protest Donald Trump.

Clinton, speaking at Mojave Electric in Las Vegas, had gotten about four minutes into her stump speech when an orange-haired protester climbed over the barricade as other protesters held up signs ‘Hurting Animals is not Progressive’ and ‘Until Every Animal is Free.’ 

‘Well keep talking, apparently these people are here to protest Trump, because Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals,’ she said, as a Secret Service agent was caught on hot mic telling her to ‘keep talking.’ 

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Animal activists tried rushing Hillary Clinton’s podium today in Las Vegas as Secret Service crouched in to protect the Democratic nominee

An orange-haired animal rights activist with the group Direct Action Everywhere tried jumping the barricade at today’s Hillary Clinton rally in Las Vegas

Activists said they don't believe Hillary Clinton is strong enough on animal issues. They believe animals should't even be killed for food 

Activists said they don’t believe Hillary Clinton is strong enough on animal issues. They believe animals should’t even be killed for food

Secret Service tugged at an animal rights activists as Hillary Clinton deflected and said that they were there because Donald Trump and his sons ‘killed a lot of animals’

‘You’re OK. Keep talking. You handled it, we’re not going anywhere,’ one of her agents said. 

After mentioning the Trump clan Clinton added sarcastically, ‘€˜So, thank you, for making that point.’ 

The group behind it, Direct Action Everywhere, is against any killing of animals, including for food. 

They tweeted, ‘Sorry Hillary, you can’t blame it all on Trump for this one,’ shortly after the incident, releasing a press release explaining that Clinton’s call for humane farming is ‘vague and weak.’

‘Clintons words on animals are contradictory. She says she supports animal rights while at the same time she and her running mate support an industry – animal agriculture – whose purpose is to kill them and deprive them of freedom,€ said Direct Action Everywhere’s Kitty Jones in the release. 

The group, Direct Action Everywhere, doesn’t believe in any killing of animals, including for food

Protesters waves signs that said ‘Until Every Animal is Free.’ The group has protested Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton and Chris Christie in the past

Hillary Clinton’s Las Vegas rally was interrupted by a group that protests both Democrats and Republicans

Secret Service grabbed an animals rights activist trying to jump the barricade as Hillary Clinton was told by agents to just keep talking

Another activist, Zach Groff, a fellow with the organization, explained that trophy hunting, which Trump’s two sons engage in, isn’t the only way to do animals harm. 

‘We are opposed to all violence against animals, including trophy hunting, but the particular target of this protest was that Secretary Clinton claims to be a proponent of animal rights even while animal agriculture and other industries kill far more animals €“ 50 billion land and see animals €“ each year with lives and deaths of misery that exceeds even that meted out by trophy hunters,’ said Groff via email. 

‘And this happens with the support through money and marketing of the U.S. government,’ he continued.   

‘We want Secretary Clinton to support legally enforceable rights for animals to be free from harm and show that she truly opposes killing all animals, not just the majestic ones,’ he added.  

In 2012, a number of photos of the Trump sons were released including this one that shows Donald Trump Jr. holding a bloodied elephant tail

Both Donald Trump Jr. (left) and Eric Trump (right) are enthusiastic big game hunters and unabashed about promoting the sport

Hillary Clinton suggested that the animal rights activists were at her Nevada rally to protest the Trump sons’ hunting habits

'I AM A HUNTER I don't hide from that,' wrote Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter defending blowback from taking an African hunting trip 

‘I AM A HUNTER I don’t hide from that,’ wrote Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter defending blowback from taking an African hunting trip

This group has interrupted a number of political gatherings through the course of the presidential campaign. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders dealt with them twice while campaigning in California in advance of the state’s June 7 primary. 

They touted interrupting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the press release they put out today.  

They also interrupted former President Bill Clinton back in October 2015, when he was campaigning for his wife in Des Moines before the Iowa Democratic Partys annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner, essentially a kick-off to the election cycle. 

As for the Trumps, the GOP nominee isn’t actually a hunter, but sons Donald Jr. and Eric Trump are both enthusiastic about the sport.

A number of grisly photos were released in 2012 by the company that planned a Zimbabwe-based hunting trip that the sons took. 

In them, Donald Jr. is shown holding up an elephant tail and a knife.  Other photos show the two eldest sons posing next to dead animal carcasses.

Donald Jr. took to Twitter to defend himself from critics. 

‘I AM A HUNTER I don’t hide from that,’ he wrote.