Intent on shifting local attitudes, Chinas V Girls are giving veganism a fresh, new face.

Vice food publication Munchies recently profiled an up-and-coming Hong Kong-based group called V Girls€”a quintet of vegan women leading the vegan cultural charge in the Chinese metropolis. Founded by filmmaker and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine celebrity coach Angie Palmer, V Girls create YouTube videos featuring vegan taste tests, restaurants, product reviews, and events in an effort to shift perspectives and introduce veganism to a new audience. Palmer explained that in China, vegetarians and vegans tend to be older and are associated with Buddhism and ailing health€”a stark contrast to the millennial-fueled boom of plant-based lifestyles in the West. €œWere the minority of the minority,€ Palmer said of Chinas small but growing group of an estimated 50 million vegans. €œMaybe in the States, people are more open-minded, but here when people are eating vegan or vegetarian, its not usually something theyre proud of.€ The V Girls are aiming to change these attitudes, however, with fun videos on topics such as vegan party canapés, raw dessert classes, and lunch dates at local vegan restaurants.