Makers of SPAM defend lawsuit filed to show that Hormel’s use of “natural” is misleading customers.

Animal-rights organization Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) recently filed a lawsuit against Hormel Foods Corporation for its use of the word €œnatural€ on Hormel Natural Choice products€”which include lunchmeats and bacon. The lawsuit is aimed at the misleading picture that Hormel is projecting through its labeling. By using the word €œnatural€ in its labeling, ALDF staff attorney Kelsey Eberly said, Hormel is €œpainting this picture of a family farm where animals go to pasture and arent given antibiotic drugs.€ Hormel responded by ensuring that the Federal Drug Association and the United States Department of Agriculture approved the language used for advertising its meat products. However, as the term €œnatural€ is not officially defined by either agency, ALDF claimed Hormels use of the term is leading customers to believe false information. Similarly, animal-advocacy group Mercy For Animals (MFA) recently filed suit against Foster Farms€”in conjunction with the American Humane Association€”for allegedly misleading customers by labeling its chicken €œhumane€ after MFAs undercover footage found deplorable conditions at factory farm of the companys supplier.