GreenBay is London’s first 100% vegan supermarket, which sells products that are sourced and selected from all over the world.

“Everything here is vegan. If you come here obviously you don’t have to worry about looking at the ingredients,” co-founder Paula Alcalde told Business Insider UK.

The supermarket has its own “vegan meat and cheese” section, where a block of cheese is sold for around £5. Meat substitutes are vegan versions of bacon, steaks, and sausages.

There’s also an egg substitute which costs £6.99. It’s a powder you whisk in ice cold water.

None of the products in the cleaning and body care aisle have been tested on animals. You can find a £2.49 4-pack of toilet paper or a £7.95 deodorant.

“We are ethical. We really care about this thing. We want the movement to move forward,” co-founder Anderson Caicedo told Business Insider UK. “We are doing this because we want to do it, rather than just making money.”

The supermarket opened in 2016 and will soon launch an online store.