Famed tattoo artist and ardent vegan activist is taking steps to remove carmine in beauty products.

Tattoo artist/entrepreneur Kat Von D recently announced plans to reformulate her makeup line Kat Von D Beauty to be completely vegan. Von D told Laika that the company was taking steps to remove carmine€”an additive made from crushed beetles€”from the lines products, which are also not tested on animals. “When I launched [the line] I was not sober; I was not vegan yet. So I had no idea about ingredients in formulation,” Von D said. €œ[So now,] we have been reformulating anything that had carmine in the past, and if we cant reformulate them, we just throw them out. I can live without a purple eye shadow€”its fine,” she said. Von D also reportedly turned down a deal to have the line mass-produced in China, due to the countrys laws that would have required animal testing.