Looks like people are finally wisening up about the nutritional value of cows milk (or lack thereof) and consequently switching to plant-based milks. This is now abundantly clear from the fact that the dairy industry (yes, that multi-billion dollar industry) has launched an entire ad/smear campaign attacking plant-based milks.

The whole campaign is focused on the theme that only cows milk is €œreal milk€ and other milks are €œnot natural,€ which not only illustrates how pathetic the dairy industry is, but also how gullible they think consumers are.

As Andy Bellatti points out on his blog Small Bites, the campaign describes coconut milk as €œspooky€ for looking so €œreal€ when compared to cows milk. Hazelnut milk is supposed to be weird because it has €œstuff on the  bottom.€ Almond milk apparently has a €œphony€ color and soy milk is accused of not coming from a cow! REALLY? Thank you for enlightening us!

Theyre even airing a ridiculous TV spot titled €œShake€ that attacks plant-based milks.

You know whats €œspooky?€ The horrific ways cows and their offspring are treated in the dairy industry. And you know whats €œnot natural?€ Drinking the milk of another species!