Paste Magazine questions the food broadcasting giant’s credibility as a modern source of information due to their exclusion of plant-based programming.

In a recent feature in Paste Magazine, writer Justin Lawrence Daugherty points out that the lack of vegan shows on the Food Network is suspicious given the changing diets of viewers. €œAny basket on Chopped containing no meat will receive groans or outright scorn from contestants,€ Daugherty says, adding, €œGive cooks tofu, and they will revolt.€ The writer explains that despite Americas meat-centric culture, many Food Network viewers have become increasingly concerned about reducing their intake of animal products for various reasons. €œThe Food Networks lack of vegetarian or vegan representation or inaction on celebrating plant-based foods goes counter to what their demographic and viewership want,€ Daugherty said. Television channel A&E began to air vegan show Plant-Based by Nafsika in July. However, despite nearly 15,000 petition signatures, the Food Network has not announced plans to create an all-vegan program.