Animal Aid wants UK supermarkets to put a €œsuitable for vegans€ logo or symbol on their animal-free foods.

Britain-based nonprofit Animal Aid has launched a new campaign called €œMark It Vegan€ with the aim of persuading United Kingdom supermarkets to clearly label the packaging of their store-brand food products that contain no animal ingredients. According to Animal Aid Campaign Manager Ben Martin, €œVegans should be able to go into a shop, pick up a product, and immediately know whether they should buy it or not.€ The labeling scheme proposed by the group, Martin said, €œcan be as simple as printing the words €˜suitable for vegans on the product packaging, or adopting a clear symbol to show that the item contains no animal-derived ingredients.€ Animal Aid contends that this measure would save vegans from having to scour ingredients for animal derivatives while making veganism more appealing to all consumers.