White Castle’s veganized sliders take the cake while McDonalds ranks rock bottom.

A new report compiled by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) ranks the nations fast-food restaurants based on their vegan offerings. Chains such as Bens Chili Bowl, Red Robin, Johnny Rockets, Burger 21, and White Castle (which recently removed animal ingredients from their buns) received €œAs€ while Carls Jr., Jack in the Box, and In-N-Out Burger, amongst others, received €œFs€ for their lack of plant-based burger options.Wendys received a €œB€ for testing their vegan black bean burger in limited markets, which PETA promises to upgrade to an €œA€ once the burger is available nationwide. Checkers and Rallys€”which PETA says is a €œnightmare for animals€€”and McDonalds both received an €œF-€ as neither offers any vegan items on their entire menu, with the exception of a small side salad at the latter. €œToday, diners expect a delicious vegan entrée on every menu, and White Castle and Red Robin are leading the charge by offering crowd-pleasing burgers made without harming animals,€ PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman says.