Thanks to beet juice and coconut oil, the new “bleeding” burger from Beyond Meat is being offered to customers in a national giveaway.

The Beyond Burger€”a first-of-its-kind plant-based burger from vegan meat-making company Beyond Meat€”is currently available at just one Whole Foods Market location in Colorado, but the company is holding a contest for 10 customers nationwide to have the patties delivered to their doorstep. The non-GMO, pea protein-based burger launched last month and made headlines for the fact that it €œbleeds€ (thanks to beet juice and coconut oil) like a meat patty, and for being the first vegan option to be sold refrigeratedalongside meat products instead of frozen alongside veggie burgers. The marketing tactic, company executives said, is a deliberate attempt to target €œflexitarians€€”meat-eaters who are veg-curious€”as a way to reduce their animal consumption. News of the convincingly meat-like burger led to the product selling out in just an hour. The €œBeyond Burger at Your Doorstep€ contestends Friday, and winners will be notified on or before Monday June 27.