Have an amazing vegan business idea, but no dough? Thats what crowdfunding is for. Despite popular misconception, however, hitting a goal isnt as easy as posting online and walking away; smart strategy is a must if you want donations to roll in.

Now, a new course is kicking off to teach attendees everything they need to know to run a successful vegan crowdfunding campaign. The online class, starting at 9 p.m. on January 19, will be taught by Demetrius Bagley, business advisor and producer of the award-winning documentary, Vegucated. Its hosted by Vegan Business Media, and is the first in a series of e-trainings lined up for 2016.

€œOne of the most popular articles on the VeganBusinessMedia.com blog is Demetriuss article on crowdfunding, so I knew people were hungry for tips on how to do their campaigns the right way,€ says Vegan Business Media founder Katrina Fox. €œWeve all seen vegan campaigns that didnt hit the mark while others are a roaring success. I want vegan crowdfunding efforts to fall into the latter category. Demetrius has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for many vegan campaigns so it was a no-brainer to team up with him to present this online, 90-minute training.€

The course costs $25, attendees can register online. The 90-minute course will cover a whole host of topics. These include: €œwhat successful crowdfunding is €“ and isnt; whats often the hardest part of a campaign €“ and how to make it easier; the number one thing you must address in crafting and running a campaign; the €˜hiding in plain sight ingredient every campaign needs; and what nearly everyone forgets to do early in their campaign €“ which can mean the difference between success and failure.€ Badley will also critique up to three drafted crowdfunding campaigns, live on the webinar. The campaigns will be chosen from participant submissions.

So who would benefit from these specific skills? €œVegan business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for funding to either kickstart their business or to raise money to expand,€ says Fox. €œAlso, vegan creatives, nonprofits, and animal advocates interested in learning how to crowdfund their next project or cause.€

Seriously, who couldnt stand to know a little more about fundraising? Every worthy cause needs cash, after all.