It used to run a weekly sausage society and pork pies were a regular feature on the bar. But from next month one of Nottingham’s pubs is to introduce a 100% vegan menu.

That means no more meat or fish on the menu at the Peacock in Mansfield Road. And dairy such as cheese, butter, milk, cream and eggs will be ditched in favour of vegan-friendly alternatives.

The new menu will be available from September 5 following a two-week refurbishment of the Victorian pub, sprucing it up inside and out.

Customers have been asked for suggestions and so far have come up with scores of ideas such as vegan cheesecake, macaroni cheese, mushroom burgers, Thai tofu curry, mock duck spring rolls and chocolate fudge cake.

While vegans have welcomed the news in droves, not everyone is happy. James Fletcher said: “I used to love coming in but might have to bid farewell if it’s exclusively vegan.I don’t have a problem with vegan stuff but I’m not about to stop eating meat any time in the future. Tastes too good and it’s my choice to eat it.”

A healthy choice of vegan options were already being served alongside meat dishes before the Peacock closed down for the revamp, including Sunday lunch and spinach, mushroom and vegan cream cheese tart with rosemary potatoes. One of the most popular was a vegan take on fish and chips, using tofu with kelp in breadcrumbs.

Landlord of 17 years, Michael Scholes said he had made the brave move because he had vegan friends and it was a growing trend.

“Vegan food has come on leaps and bounds. I eat it a lot with friends. I don’t feel we’re excluding anyone.

“I am thrilled with the response. I thought am I doing the right thing? But this has made me a lot more confident.”

A recent survey revealed there are at least 542,000 vegans in Britain €“ more than three-and-a-half times the number ten years ago.

And there is scope for the number to rise to one million with half of vegetarians thinking about giving up dairy.

As well as being good for animals and the planet, a vegan diet is also said to be healthier with more vegetables consumed and less saturated fat.

Vegan Adrian Bhagat, who runs Bluebird Wholefoods, further up Mansfield Road, in Sherwood, said the move was “brilliant news.”

He is hoping for a decent selection of vegan beers at the real ale pub. “The last year or two there have been a lot of new places serving vegan food. The provision for vegans has exploded.”

And to hammer home the point, a 100% vegan cafe is opening in Cobden Chambers, off Pelham Street, later this month. Amala Living Foods will offer organic, raw and vegan food, juices and smoothies.