Canada’s vegetarian and vegan communities are growing as like-minded people turn to open dialogue and find alternatives to traditional proteins. And the movement towards choosing plant-based dishes is growing.The recent Reducetarian Summit in New York City brought together vegans, omnivores and “everyone among” – prominent environmental, health, and animal protection non-profits with leading foodservice and food technology companies – to dialogue for an even more equitable, sustainable, and compassionate food system (check out for more details.)

I receive many requests from readers across Canada seeking alternatives to traditional meat and/or dairy-based dishes. Many are only curious to improve their eating routine, others have embraced vegetarianism and veganism for many different reasons – health being one of many biggest.

Lynn Murphy is just a former Winnipeg zoning officer who followed her passion becoming a plant-based nutritionist for “moral and health reasons.” She thought we would become vegan 2 yrs ago. Her husband Sean Murphy, a company for Winnipeg Building, quit dairy and meat before gradually dropping eggs and fish from his diet. He’s been fully vegan for higher than a year.

After reading many food pages where meat and dairy will be the focus, Lynn wished to allow me to – and the readership know – as possible eat and eat well on a plant-based diet.