Palestinian Animal League launches crowdfunding campaign to provide plant-based food to 13,000 university students in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Animal League (PAL) launched a crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds for the opening of Palestines first not-for-profit vegan cafeteria to be located on the Al Quds University campus in Abu Dis, Jerusalem. The café (to be called €œSudfeh,€ meaning €œserendipity€ in Arabic) will also be the first vegan cafeteria in any Arabic speaking university in the world. PAL seeks to raise £10,000 (approximately $13,250) to cover startup costs for the initiative (to be used for renovations, equipment purchases, and staff salaries). Once up and running, the café should be self-sustaining, and its income will be used to fund animal protection projects and scholarships for students who could otherwise not be able to afford college. The project is part of PALs €œYouth for Change€ program, which empowers young people to protect animals and the environment in their local community.