Many people dont associate vegan food with BBQ. Thats a shame because plant foods are some of the easiest to cook on the grill. The weather will be warming up soon. Its the perfect time to start planning an outdoor gathering or relaxing night in. Here are some of my favorite ways to have a plant based bbq.


Make Fajitas

Fajitas have become my favorite things to bbq. I generally use either chopped tofu or mushrooms. I then add sliced peppers (I use jalapeños instead of bell pepper since they have more kick) and sliced onions. All you have to do is toss the mixture with a little olive oil, lime juice and fajita seasoning. Simply Organic makes a great fajitas seasoning mix. You can play around with the seasoning or make your own. You can also swap out any of the veggies in the dish according to your taste.

Tip-Use a grill basket to make sure the pieces dont fall in the grill.


Make Quesadillas

It really doesnt get easier than this. All you need is tortillas, non dairy cheese and whatever veggies you would like to use. I like the combination of spinach, jalapeños and follow your heart fiesta blend shreds. Sometimes Ill also add some refried black beans.

Tip€“ If you want to make sure it stays together or make it easier to flip, buy a quesadilla grill basket.


Make Veggie Foil Pockets

Foil pockets are a great way to make grilled veggies nice and tender. So far, I have tried this technique with asparagus, mushrooms, and bok choy. The foil will trap in the moisture and make sure they are cooked all the way through. Inside the pocket, just add a little drizzle of olive oil (earth balance also works great), some chopped garlic, pepper and sea salt. Depending on what you are making, a little dash of citrus may also be a good idea. If you want a little more of the grilled flavor, you can also cook veggies on top of foil after spraying it wit cooking spray.

Tip€“ Baked potatoes can be cooked on the grill wrapped in foil as well. Remember to puncture the potatoes to let steam escape. I like to also season the skin of the potato after rubbing it with olive oil. When seasoned correctly, the skins can be delicious. They also happen to be full of nutrition.

I imagine you can cook almost any vegetable in a foil pocket. Play around with different mixtures and seasonings.


Make Kabobs

Kabobs make a great substitution for a animal based main dish. There are endless possibilities on what you can include. One of my favorite combinations is using Gardein Beefless Tips, with onion, peppers, mushrooms and eggplant. Brush with olive oil or spray with cooking spray so that they dont stick. When they are almost ready brush with a few coats of your favorite sauce.


Cook Right On The Grill

You dont always have you have fancy tools or extra supplies to have a great BBQ. You can keep it simple and cook directly on the grill. This is a great way to make garlic bread. I like to brush some freshly baked bread slices with a mixture of olive oil, freshly minced garlic and fresh herbs. Large vegetables such as artichokes can go directly on the grill as well.

Tip€“ Artichokes will be easier to grill if you steam them for a few minutes beforehand.

If all else fails, just whip up some good old veggies burgers or dogs. Keep it simple and use traditional toppings such as ketchup and mustard. Alternately, you can brush the patties or dogs with some bbq sauce before removing them from the grill.

IMG_3741_instant_Fotor_Fotor_CollageMake Veggie Steaks

Making veggies steaks is a great way to create a hearty main dish. Tofu, cauliflower, eggplant and portobellos are great prepared in this way. The main thing is to cut them thick so that they are substantial and filling. You may choose to season them with sea salt, pepper, garlic, citrus and herbs. Alternately, you may want to brush them with a savory sauce such as bbq, teriyaki, or sweet chili.

Check out my Roasted Portobello Steak and Cauliflower Steak recipes that work great on the grill.