Professional pugilist trades in his boxing gloves for oven mitts to open plant-based Liverpool eatery.

A new vegan pop-up stall called Plvnt has launched in Liverpool, England with retired British boxer Joe Ainscough at the helm. At the age of 37, Ainscough (aka the Kirkdale Kid) is ready to test his organic plant-based restaurant concept in the city best known as The Beatles hometown. Ainscough€”who learned about veganism from fellow fighter Tony Moran€”told the Liverpool Echonewspaper that he €œbecame more and more uncomfortable with the inhumane way animals are treated. Gradually I made the switch myself when I realized harming other living creatures for food just didn’t sit right with me. The great thing is that I’ve never felt better. I feel fitter physically and mentally, more at peace, than before and only wish I’d found out about veganism earlier.” Plvnts prime spot near the waterfront in Liverpool Village and food by Venezuelan chef Chris Pulido has already made the pop-up popular with diners.