John Fiske turns his cherimoya fruit farm into a sanctuary for rescued horses, pigs, chickens, and goats.

This past weekend, environmental attorney John Fiske opened the new animal sanctuary San Diego Farm Animal Rescue (SDFAR). The sanctuary currently houses four horses, one pig, two hens, and a rescued German shepherd, with several goats on the way, and is funded by profits from Fiskes 2.5-acre cherimoya fruit farm and an Airbnb he rents on the property. €œWe believe the connection between animals and humans reveals the true nature of both, and the distinctions among species are blurred as humans discover their capacity for compassion,€ SDFARs mission statement reads. According to the Los Angeles Times, Fiske was inspired to open the sanctuary after watching environmental documentary Cowspiracy and said, €œOur food system has become a grotesque, violent industry, and unless we help out those who can’t help themselves, our job isn’t done.€