Target is a one-stop-shop for virtually everything—groceries included. We’ve long been singing praises for the many vegan products that are appearing on Target shelves—from several varieties of soy milk to Gardein cutlets to Annie’s vegan gummies.

The increasing presence of vegan food at Target is a testament to the growth of vegan culture, and the growing demand for cruelty-free products. That’s why we are ecstatic about the news that Target just launched their very own line of plant-based meats. Why is this significant? Meatless products have been tested across thousands of Target stores, and they must be doing quite well for Target to invest in their own varieties of these products.

What else does this mean? You can expect these Target-brand vegan meats to be lower-priced than comparable vegan meats sold elsewhere. And this in turn means that, in the United States, vegan meats are now more affordable and widely-available than ever before. So if there’s a Target in your area, drop in soon to get a taste of the vegan future.