U.S. Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris has been making headlines with his protein-packed vegan diet.

According to The Huffington Post, 30-year-old Farris ditched meat out of respect for animals:

“I dont necessarily trust the way the food is being processed,€ he said. €œI dont agree with the way the animals are mass-slaughtered. So thats one thing that kind of got me looking at what they call a vegan diet.”

So what does this superhero-like strong man eat?
On a typical day, Farris enjoys a breakfast of oatmeal or pancakes. His staple midday snack is a plant-based protein shake. Before working out, he digs into some avocado quesadillas with Go Veggie pepper jack slices for lunch.
Between meals, Farris snacks on guacamole and black bean chips, and he often has black bean quesadillas for dinner. If he’s still hungry before bed, he sips on another protein shake. He said the key to enjoying delicious plant-based meals is to take whatever you ate before going vegan and modify it.
When asked whether he felt restricted on a vegan diet, Farris said, €œI think a lot of people look at things as being restrictions, but that kind of shows me the way they view life. I dont view it as restriction €• I look at what I can eat, whats going to be the best source of energy for me.€
The Olympians high-protein diet keeps him in top physical condition. He said that he feels lighter, cleaner, and more clearheaded these days.
Farris is not the only athlete to switch to a vegan diet. In fact, he joins a long list of vegan Olympians, including Seba Johnson, Carl Lewis, Ronda Rousey, Cam Awesome, and Venus and Serena Williams.