What’s on my desk this week? A vegan nut butter bar from family-owned, all-natural snack company GoMacro. In the past, my experiences with bars have varied a lot: ranging from dry, flavorless, and dense, to over-the-top, rich, and artificial tasting. So, all in all, it’s been mainly misses. With these tainted munching memories under my belt, I was initially drawn to GoMacro bars because of the vegan branding (okay, and also partially because of the pretty packaging). Since the double chocolate brownie and cookies and cream-stuffed blondie bars of my past didn’t exactly taste good, I proceeded into this particular taste-test with some reservations and low snack-spectations.

As it turns out, I was wrong. After easily peeling back the wrapper of the “Sunny Uplift, Cherries + Berries” variety, I was surprised at how moist the actual bar appeared — not too dense like the ghosts of protein bars past. And the first bite matched my musings: it was sweet, without an overwhelming artificial aftertaste, and nutty without being overly dry. How was such a thing possible? According the the company’s site, the munchable magic of these bars is achieved through utilizing a nut-butter base and a cold-pressing method.
GoMacro offers up a total of 11 flavor varieties (from banana almond butter to granola coconut and more) in either full-size or mini bars (ideal on-the-go purse snacks) that are all certified vegan, raw, and gluten-free. The best part of all? In addition to ordering a 15-pack online for $39.98, you can now also scoop up individual bars at your local Trader Joe’s or Target.