IMG_20160513_165539334-768x432Marshmallows are so white, so fluffy, so seemingly innocent. Sadly, traditional marshmallows are anything but, considered theyre made with gelatin €” an insidious substance composed of animal by-products. 

But in excellent news for smores lovers (and animals), Trader Joes vegan marshmallows are now available in stores. With 457 outposts of the popular chain nationwide, this will introduce a cruelty-free €˜mallow option to millions of Americans.

The white treats are labeled vegan and gluten-free. (The vegan designation is listed on the back, so many omnivore consumers probably wont realize theyre any different from standard marshmallows.)

While there are several awesome companies already producing vegan marshmallows €” Sweet & Sara and Dandies €” theyre generally only available at specialty stores €” and theyre a little pricier. TJs taking them on means theyll become accessible to even more people, helping to normalize a vegan version of this classic sweet.

The new product joins dozens of other tasty vegan items on TJs shelves, including vegan cream cheese, speculoos cookies, beefless ground beef, soy creamy mini vanilla sandwiches, chickenless Mandarin orange, pad Thai noodles, nacho kale chips, and lots more.

(For those who want to make smores this summer, the €˜mallows will pair perfectly with TJs (vegan) dark chocolate pound plus bar, and Nabisco Grahams, which are accidentally vegan.)

At most locations, the marshmallows are $2.99 (though prices may vary slightly). A steal.