New cookies take inspiration from blueberry pie and a kids cereal classic.

As part of the monthly Wonder Vault promotion that sees new twists on classic cookies, two new limited edition vegan flavors of Oreos have become available this month. The first€”a Target exclusive called Blueberry Pie€”melds the companys golden, graham-flavored cookies with blueberry crème, while the Fruity Crisp edition again features golden cookie wafers but with Oreos classic sweet crème studded with Fruity Pebble-esque crisped rice. Initial response to both products seems to be positive. €œSeriously in love with the new Blueberry Pie Oreo! Please consider keeping this one permanently!€ wrote one Facebook fan, with another stating, €œI was skeptical, but€”the blueberry pie Oreo is everything.€ The two new flavors follow chocolate-filled cupcake and cinnamon bun flavored treats launched this year, both of which are vegan as well.