After a big win, Abel Trujillo told the crowd, €œLove is the movement€”go vegan.€

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Abel Trujillo just made headlines for crediting his 15th career win to his plant-based diet. The 32-year old lightweight defeated Jordan Rinaldi Sunday in a unanimous decision and said the €œclean energy and better clarity€ afforded to him by a vegan lifestyle are to thank for his win. €œLets stop eating innocent animals!€ Trujillo said in a tweet. €œSave our planet Mother Earth, save the animals, save yourself! You will feel better mind body & spirit!€ The news on Trujillo follows the much-publicized defeat of UFC fan favorite Conor McGregor by vegan Nate Diaz earlier this year in March, and heavyweight fighter Mark Hunt declaring his veganism late last year after watching undercover factory farming footage.