If tacos are your delight, and empanadas your jam, and you could really go for a Sloppy Joe right about now, you know that seeking out those timeless tastes, sans the whole beef element, can be something of a fruitless search.

Fruitful searches, however, warm the cockles of many a meat-eschewing eater, especially when that eater lands at a large-scale gourmand gathering that is full of fruit, and of vegetables, and healthy grains, and dozens of dishes that incorporate a caboodle of nutmeats.

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In fact, nutmeats’ll be the only meats at the Vegan Beer & Food Festival, a big, many-vendor’d extravaganza which will spread its plant-based bites around the Rose Bowl on Saturday, June 18.

How many vendors are set to show? Over 70, including Mama’s Tamales, Plant Food for People, Donuttery, Garden Grill, Charlie’s Brownies, and Rabbit Hole.

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Where does the “Beer” part of the name come in? There are loads of libations to try from the likes of Wolf Creek Brewing, Babe’s Brew, and Honest Abe Cider. You’ll receive a four-ounce tasting glass with your ticket, so keep that in a nearby hip holder or shoulder strap for handy retrieval. (Surely you have some sort of fanny pack constructed for just these sort of events? Surely.)

The Vegan Beer & Food Festival is a 21-and-over to-do, do note, but also note that kombucha and posh sodas (on draft) are there for the alcohol-eschewing drinkers in the crowd.

Live tunes, and vendors selling goods that aren’t eatable/drinkable, are also party of the daytime happening.

A general admission ticket? It’s fifty bucks. Saying the word “nutmeats” in place of “nuts”? Not done nearly enough these days.