Spanish company plans to shake up the alcoholic beverage industry with its brightly hued, blue vegan wine.

Spanish vegan wine company Gik is set to debut its innovative blue wine in the United States this fall. While it might look like something from a Sci-Fi movie, the companys blue wine is made with organic compounds found in red grape skins from regions of Spain including La Rioja, Zaragoza, and Castilla-La Mancha. Gik debuted in Spain and sold 70,000 bottles of the wine locally before expanding to the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Portugal, Germany, and Switzerland. €œWe believe in the creative rebellion, we build new things, break with the past, and create our future,€ the companys mission statement says. One of the companys six founders recently told vegan alcohol beverage website Barnivore that no animals were harmed in the production of their novelty product. €œWe made the wine that we would love to drink ourselves, so animal cruelty was never a choice since one of the founders is vegan.€ Alcohol companies such as Guinness, Baileys, and Duval-Leroy have all recently made a commitment to reformulate their products to be fully vegan to serve a growing demand for animal product-free libations.