Nut-based Treeline will soon be available at 2,500 locations of the major grocery retailer nationwide.

Artisanal vegan cheese company Treeline Treenut Cheeses is set to expand to 2,500 Kroger supermarket locations€”including subsidiary properties Ralphs, Dillons, Fred Meyer, King Soopers, Quality Food Center, Frys, Smiths, and Jay-C€”nationwide this September. Treeline owner Michael Schwarz said the expansion would position his cashew-based cheeses to customers outside of the companys vegan fan base. €œThe vegans are a bit like the Tea Party wing within the customer base,€ Schwarz said. €œBeing cruelty-free is very important to them, but if you want to win a national election, you cant just appeal to the base.€ This expansion€”which adds to Treelines current availability at stores such as Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers, and MoMs Markets€”will make the brand the most widely distributed artisanal vegan cheese. €œArtisanal treenut cheeses just went mainstream,€ Schwarz said. €œThat speaks volumes for the desirability of our products in particular, and where the plant-based market is heading in general.€ Treelines expansion comes at a time when the dairy alternative industry is booming and predicted to grow to an industry worth more than $35 billion by 2024.