Sophies Kitchen introduces plant-based lobster macaroni and cheese and seafood jambalaya.

Sophies Kitchen, the California-based company creating plant-based seafood alternatives, was recently featured on Food Navigator-USA detailing its impact on the meat-free market. With a range of vegan products including canned tuna, crab cakes, smoked salmon, and new entreées such as lobster macaroni and cheese and seafood jambalaya to launch in the coming months, Sophies Kitchen says its latest products fulfill consumer demand by placing focus on taste, texture, and sustainability. €œPeople understand that by 2050 there will be nine billion people on this planet and animal protein is not going to be sustainable,€ CEO and founder Eugene Wang said, €œso consumers are rushing to alternative proteins.€ Sophies soy-free and non-GMO products use pea protein and Konjac root€”a high-fiber Asian superfood integral to balancing out protein€”and, through a specialized technology that employs high pressure and temperature to transform protein flours into convincingly textured products, provide a viable option to consumers concerned with the heavy metals, antibiotics, and environmental destruction associated with overfishing.