Peas, rye, radishes, and tomatoes grown in toxic-simulated Mars soil have been found to be safe for human consumption.

Dutch scientists, who made headlines in March for successfully growing vegetables out of simulated-toxic Martian soil, have found that their grown crops are perfectly safe to eat, moving a step forward toward the possibility of plant-based living on the red planet. The radishes, peas, rye, and tomatoes grown in the heavy metal-laden simulated Mars soil were tested and found to contain much lower concentration of those harmful metals than expected, €œeven lower than in the crops grown in potting soil€ for some metals, the team said. The next step is to test test all 10 plants grown€”including potatoes, carrots, garden cress, and green beans€”to verify the safety of all crops, then to organize a meal for the research sponsors. €œThey will be the first to eat the €˜Martian tomatoes and taste if they have a different flavor from the normal earth tomatoes,€ ecologist Wieger Wamelink said.