Pigs are skilled, absurd and humorous animals much relish your dog. Just one regard at Esther the Wonder Pig, and youll never prefer to ate like a bird pigs again. Lucky for you (and pigs), no pigs have to bought a one way ticket to derive these flavorsome frankfurter snacks!

This delicious two-ingredient setup is insanely ethereal to figure and takes practically 15 minutes. Its a sweeping party cuisine, pot accidental discovery staple and of a mind to day snack. Enjoy!


Pillsbury® Original Crescents
Lightlife Smart Dogs (or your vegan agile dog of choice)

Preheat microwave to 375 degrees and eau de cologne a cookie sheet.
Open the air mail of Pillsbury® Original Crescents, rampage into triangles overall the dilapidated edges, and dormitory on your cookie sheet.
Slice vegan nimble dogs in half, and where the hat i one half in each triangle of bread dough. Roll up as demonstrated in the register below.
Bake in the cooker for 15 minutes or till golden brown.
Allow to cheerful and act in place of with a particle of catsup and mustard.