Intersectional critical feminist has been slotted as presidential candidate Clifton Roberts running mate for the November election.

Clifton Roberts, the United States presidential nominee of the Humane Party€”a vegan political party dedicated to the rights of both human and nonhuman animals€”named Dr. Amie Breeze Harper as his vice presidential pick. Harper, a self-proclaimed critical race, decolonial, and black feminist theorist, is known for her work on Sistah Vegan€”a collection of written reflections from black vegans€”and for her intersectional speeches revolving around social justice issues including white fragility, ethical veganism, classism, and sexual identity. In an interview with The Onion Knight, Harper mentioned her and Roberts feature in VegNews Vegan Black History series earlier this year as one of the first exposures she had to the presidential nominee. Roberts said that a track record of addressing social injustice, humane values, and an adherence to a vegan lifestyle were among top criteria that led to his pick of Harper. €œHer credentials are impeccable,€ Roberts said. €œHer educational background is absolutely fantastic€”shes been a vegan of over 11 years.€ The Roberts-Harper ticket marks the Humane Partys first nomination for President of the United States.