Texas is known as a red meat state. KENS 5 wanted to know how friendly San Antonio is for those who dont share the love for meat.

€œMy favorite thing to eat would probably be tacos. Who doesnt like tacos?” S.A. resident John Cowsar said.

However, Cowsars tacos are not filled with meat, instead a protein substitute.

He said he went vegan two years ago.

€œMy family was pretty supportive. I did get a little flak from some of my guy friends. I think, in general, everyone was pretty supportive about it,€ John Cowsar said.

Veganism is more of a lifestyle change for Cowsar.

€œIts just a matter of putting your foot down, standing up for your morals and ethics and aligning them with your actions,€ Cowsar said.

He thinks killing and eating animals is cruel.

His beliefs even inspired a transition in his career.

He is now working with exploited primates.

€œIts been really eye opening working with them,€ said Cowsar.

Socially, however, he said being Vegan has been a challenge.

€œAfter I became vegan, I obviously cooked a lot more because options were a lot more limited versus going to fast food restaurant joints or having complete access to a whole menu. I would say I actually enjoy cooking more,€ Cowsar said.

He said he eats in 90 percent of the time now.

He said shopping for groceries became an easier task with the amount of options available at his local HEB.

€œI think its also nice that a lot of products these days provide the same pleasures we get from eating meat, but without the cruelty,€ Cowsar said.

It’s not all just tofu and greens, however.

You may be surprised by what all he can fill his cart with.

€œYoure not necessarily sacrificing everything. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, one of my favorites, is vegan,€ Cowsar said.

More vegan friendly restaurants are also popping up around town, like 5 Point Local.

€œTheres options but its obviously more limited than a place like Portland, Seattle or Austin, but I think its growing. Theres places around town,€ Cowsar said.

San Antonio is accommodating more vegans like Cowsar.

€œI think its coming around,” Cowsar said. €œI think that its just a matter of local vegans speaking up about things that they want.”