When compared to what North Americans routinely consume, the vegan meal replacement drink scores high on all fronts.

In a recent feature published on media outlet The Atlantic, writer Jessa Gamble analyzed the nutritional, ethical, and environmental value of vegan meal replacement drink Soylent€”made from tapioca-derived starch, soy protein, algal oil, and beet sugar€”as compared to the Standard American Diet. Gamble revealed that while €œfood tastes better than Soylent,€ the vegan meal replacer is a far better option. The drink is meant to be consumed four times per day and is formulated to contain exactly 25 percent of recommended daily nutrients. Gamble also points out that Soylent is less wasteful than consuming agricultural products€”especially animals. €œNorth Americans are simultaneously overweight and malnourished, and a diet like Soylent, for all of its flaws, provides less of the problem ingredients like sugar and cholesterol and more of the nutrients,€ Gamble said. €œSoylent drinkers are willing to bet the future is mostly vegan and dirt-cheap.€ The vegan drink€”popular among the San Francisco technology community€”launched on Amazon last month.