Lobster Lobby Joe safely makes it back to the ocean after thousands of miles in transit across Canada.

Canadian vegan Christine Loughead recently spent more than $300 to safely send a lobster named Lobby Joe from a tank in Ontario to the ocean in Halifax. Loughead first encountered Lobby Joe as he sat alone in a tank in an Ontario supermarket and soon created a plan to safely transport him to the coast off of Halifax. Loughead reached out to fellow vegans online and soon met Nova Scotia animal shelter founder named Beth Kent. After the 24-hour journey wherein Lobby Joe was packed in a Styrofoam box and shipped to Kent, the lobster was released. Kent initially planned to release Lobby Joe into the ocean but upon spotting fishing boats, freed him into a cove in Halifax. €œLife is going to get better, OK?€ Kent said to Lobby Joe upon release. Back in Ontario, Loughead told local news station CBC, €œIt’s a food animal to [most], and it’s not an attractive animal, but I tell people to close their eyes and picture something cuter waiting to die in the deli section.€