Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur demands that governor Cuomo end $90,000 milk subsidies at NY State Fair.

Animal-rescue organization Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur recently penned a letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo demanding that he discontinue milk subsidies at the Great New York State Fair. Since 1983, a milk stand at the annual fair has sold seven-ounce cups of milk for 25¢ each€”a price that is maintained today with the help of $90,000 of state money. €œThe dairy industry in New York and across the US has received decades of unwarranted government support,€ Baur said, €œand the health of our nation has suffered as a result. If you are interested in supporting agriculture, please promote fruits, vegetables, and other healthy plant foods.€ Dairy industry subsidies with taxpayer money are not uncommon, as the government has paid the US Dairy industry $5.6 billion during the past decade. Most recently, the threat of the booming dairy-free industry€”expected to grow to more than $35 billion by 2024€”has prompted a bipartisan congressional contingent to demand a bailout for fledgling dairy farmers.